Yagafuchi Park (Spectacles Bridge)

三股町 2017年4月27日

Yagafuchi Park is located downstream of Nagata Gorge. Completed in 1941, Kajiyama Bridge is known to the townsfolk as Spectacles Bridge because of its shape. It was also popularly known as Tenku Bridge by people in the local area, and the legends about Kappa still remain today.

Kappa Densetsu

The Kappa of this area are known as ‘’Gagure’’ or ‘’Garapa’’ and there are many legends about them around the town. The deep blue river over which the spectacles bridge crosses has become a playground for children, but long ago the children of the stronghold went missing here. Thinking it was the work of Kappa they caught one and angrily poured kitchen water onto its head. Suddenly the Kappa became energetic and said "cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms, river bamboo is river bamboo, we will not catch people”, and with that the Kappa ran away. Soon after the missing children were found. Since then, Kappa have been said to keep their promise and are watching over the people and children traveling and playing in the area.

3012 Oaza Nagata, Mimata
12 Spots
Japanese style, and disabled available. No changing station