Nagata Gorge

三股町 2017年5月3日

Nagata Gorge is located upstream of the Okimizu river and is designated as a Prefectural National Park. It is around 10km long and was created as violent water eroded the rocks on both banks over the years creating the beautiful natural art we see today. In the clear water below you can enjoy watching the Yamame, and Ugui swimming. You can also take in the beautiful green scenery as well as the mountain cherry blossoms in the spring. In the fall you are able to enjoy the beautiful reds and oranges of the leaves.

In 2016 the town positioned this park as a tourist location for foreign tourists to enjoy. Utilizing government subsidies to renew the park, 50 new Momiji trees were planted. Please enjoy the beautiful sights throughout every season of Mimata Town.

Kappa Densetsu

The Kappa of this area are known as ‘’Gagure’’ or ‘’Garapa’’ and there are many legends about them around the town. Long ago, the mischievous Misaki Monkey and the unruly Toriigahira Gagure were always fighting. Misaki Daigongen was worried about them, so he pulled out 3 hairs from the monkey, and replaced the plate on the head to a plate with a hole so their powers would no longer come out. After that, both became calm and they now seem to live quietly here in Nagata Gorge.

6580-1 Oaza Nagata
40 spots (1 Large bus spot)
Western Style available. No changing stations
Admission fee
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